Wilderness Within - A Nature Connection Workshop

Wilderness Within - A Nature Connection Workshop

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Nature is a Mirror

Give yourself a day to explore your own inner wild on this day-long workshop hosted by the Trip Shed & Wilder Connections, surrounded by the beauty of nature in your own backyard. 

Nature is a Mirror.

Maybe you’re coming to terms with a big change or a recent loss. 

Maybe you’re seeking more aliveness or connection in your life.

Maybe you're in need of a big reset. 

Whatever questions you’re holding, when you slow down, unplug and connect to the natural world - you come back to your own natural centre. In this quiet stillness,  an opportunity arises to find answers you didn’t know you were looking for.

Through guided group activities, immersive nature connection practices and some TLC your guides will help you to get in touch with yourself on a level deeper than most have the opportunity to do.

Make sure to read through the details below before booking.

Check out some of our frequently asked questions here.


Workshop Details


A Deep Dive Into Yourself

An edge is the place where the known meets the unknown. This is where growth happens. During this experience, you’ll have the opportunity to push your edges and uncover unknown strengths. Throughout the day, you’ll receive coaching, offering a chance to unpack and integrate whatever comes out of your personal journey. Upon returning home, our goal is that you leave with some new found treasures within, a belt full of practical tools to help you powerfully engage with your life,  and a deeper relationship with all parts of yourself - with a couple mosquito bites and dirt under your nails to boot!

What You can Expect to Walk Away With

  • A new toolkit for connecting to self through nature
  • An experience of being held in community and trained coaches
  • Space to explore a question you’re sitting with/something on your heart

You’ll Have an Opportunity To

  • Get clarity in a given area/trouble in your life
  • Learn how to co-regulate nervous system with nature
  • Receive coaching, offering a chance to unpack and integrate whatever comes out of your personal journey.
  • Explore your inner question
  • Practice/learn sensory nature meditation practices
  • Get into your body! (Games, fun, and more!)
  • Explore how stories and myths provide a framework for our lives


Whats Included

  • Park permits/parking pass
  • Carpool Opportunities
  • Workshop material
  • Group + 1-on-1 coaching
  • Fireside Chats
  • Warm Drinks!

Whats Not Included

  • Transportation
  • Lunch
  • Water

Payment Info

The cost for the day is $70+HST.

    Covid-19 Precautions

    • All equipment is thoroughly washed and sanitized in between trips
    • Only individuals who request to share a tent will do so, all others will be in individual tents to reduce indoor contact
    • For ease of physical distancing on our multi day trips we will have a maximum of 7 guests and 2 guides.
    • Trip Shed staff will be equipped with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and will have PPE for guests.
    • All staff will be double vaccinated.